Friday, July 20, 2007


So I just got one of those phones that look like they were sent back from the future to suck all the life out of you by supplying you with constant access to Perez Hilton. It is a blackberry pearl and I really have absolutely no feelings towards it one way of the other, neither stoked nor bummed. I am, however, a little skeptical. It does things without me asking. It knows what I want before I want it. Small inexplicable chirping noises come from it. Sometimes I feel that it is mad at me for not getting it a leather holster and a blue tooth headset. I also found out that it is a bit of a prude. The other day I was texting someone and I wanted to make clear that I thought that they were a "fucking douche bag." The phone wouldn't do it. Apparently, Blackberry in all of their predictive-texting wisdom, neglected to put the words "fucking" or "douche" in the phone's robotic brain. I had to wrestle with the phone for about 5 minutes until I was seriously doubting my diction. Was it really necessary to relay this sentiment, or was I just being bombastic? I rethought it and just wrote "f u." Thanks blackberry.

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