Friday, February 29, 2008


Do you ever notice how people who are going to vote for Clinton never say anything about HER, they just talk about how Obama is on some pie in the sky shit? It is almost as if she has no positive characteristics whatsoever; her whole raison d'etre is just to hold on and not suck that hard. The problem is of course that she she does suck–profoundly. Hillary is–though–what America deserves. She epitomizes that subtle blend of mediocrity, liberal moralizing and evil that America prides itself upon. Peep this ad:

We are in an age in which we are so contantly and consistently lied to that there has emerged–for me–a sort of ethics of bullshit. It basically corresponds to how much effort the ad or whatever puts into pretending like we are not all selfish goons–playing to our supposed "values" or "morals" or "sympathy" or whatever fictional quality about ourselves we put on our Myspace profile. I want ads to TRY to fool me; at least pretend that I need coherence to my political hit ads. This Hillary ad is not even that. Why the crap are we talking about my children? And what the fuck is Hillary doing awake at 2 in the morning? Picking out a pantsuit? We all know that whoever gets into the whitehouse is not going to stop the Iraq war immediately or make us all quit smoking and drive hybrid vehicles. The fact of the matter is that all we really want is to continue our slow-motion plummet to the bottom of the world's esteem in a graceful manner. That is all we want.
Compare the above ad to this ad.

Let us bracket for a second the gagging lameness of this song and all things Black Eyed Peas related. OBAMA'S AD HAS JESSICA ALBA AND A GUY WITH A HANDLEBAR MOUSTACHE. Game set match. I am essentially just waiting for Hillary to have a Britney moment and just freak out and gain 70 pounds. So looking forward to that.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is to let you know...

About this fantastic blog that I just came across courtesy of The Fader. This dude takes the chart game to the next level, sometimes to positive effect, sometimes to just an effect but it is all on THE NEXT LEVEL. 
Oh, and also, dig this. Do you think that Obama actually commissioned someone to write a reggaeton song about him, or that that sort of thing just happens spontaneously when you are the illest dude to ever make a gesture with your hands on a podium? Don't know. Actually, don't care, because both are rad.