Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Dudes, I am at the airport in Phoenix and there is SO MUCH FREE INTERNET!!! isn't God kind? I have been in Brazil, doing rad shit and not being so much into the internet. But I have to admit that I missed Texas, mostly because there is no Mexican food in Brazil. Lots of Brazilian food, though. Not to be equivocal: Brazil still rules serious ass. You have doubts, here is just the tip of the glorious, drunken, lazy, beautiful, samba-ing iceberg that is my future country of residence. I give you–The Frevo.

The frevo is a dance that is typical of the Brazilian states of Alagoas, Pernambuco, Bahia a little. The music that accompanies it is similar in instrumentation and rhythm to forrĂ³, another ballcrunchingly awesome kind of music from the northeast. It is danced by both women and men, dressed often in tripped-out clown garb and sweat-smeared face paint. The traditional accoutrement is a tiny umbrella, twirled and swung between the legs and around the back. As you can see from the above video, the dance is exuberant to point of being cheezy, but so acrobatic and difficult looking that you would never talk shit. It is sort of like tapdancing for mega-hosses. Has this shit been in an Outkast video yet? Someone get on that.

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