Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Greatest Hits of Internet Slang (Last Week Edition)

OK, so here is the slang that I have picked up around tha internets in the recent days. As my man Marcustotle is fond of saying–peep game.
Liberal Arts Hip-Hop (via the Woodman)–From what I can tell, this is anything that could also be called 'conscious rap' or some shit like that. Think condescending tone, mixed metaphors, white guilt, patchouli and short dudes with backpacks doing grafitti, or graf or tagging or whatever. ATCQ, Dela, Common. This doesn't mean that it sucks, though. Because I totally listen to that shit and that means that it can't suck.

Snugglefuck (via the TTL blog, via XXXchange)–Not that the phenomenon ever went away, but I am glad that I now have a word to use to refer to that weird morning sex where mouth to mouth contact is strictly prohibited. My discussions about this phenomenon/word have shown me that not as many people as I thought were into the snugglefuck. Weird.

The Bromance/the brodeo (first from TTL blog, second from the inimitable Becca)–Basically these two terms are exactly what you think they are, dudes just duding out on dude-stuff. I have to admit that there have been a lot brodeos going on in my life, so this term has really hit home.

BTDubs...I just rewatched Batman Begins. Katie Holmes does not wear a bra at any point during that movie. It is pretty intense. Go ahead, watch it. PROVE ME WRONG.

Oh and also, have you ever wished that you had, like, a whole bunch of remixes of Mariah Carey songs? Me too.

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