Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Me and God

Our latest DUDES challenge topic (non-denominational, spiritually uplifting song) has had me thinking a lot about God as of late. Like, hypothetically, if dude existed, how would he feel about me? Like cosmically. I have had, this week, two contrary indications about His willingness to grant my wishes. First; I saw that a movie version of Mamma Mia is coming out. Starring Meryl Streep. This is obviously the work of God telling me to go fuck myself. I say this because I think that no one in the world could possibly hate Meryl Streep as much as I do. This, of course, is compounded by the fact that she is, by some, considered to be the "greatest living screen actress" (IMDb). Reading this sort of stuff makes me think that God is not indifferent, he clearly divined the worst thing that could happen to me and then made it so. What is worse is that I heard someone saying how good the movie is. If it was widely regarded as horrible, then maybe Meryl Streep would finally go away, but this does not to be the case. Point: God obviously hates me. BUT, today I heard this little piece of news. MIA is quitting music to focus on fashion and art. While I was under the impression that this had never not been the case, as in, her music was always a giant ad for che-printed leotards, apparently she was actually focusing on her music. Who knew. All of this is besides the point, however, because this event has been on my wishlist for several years now and finally God has thrown me a bone. So as of right now I have no idea where god stands, vis-a-vis my crappy little self. 

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