Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Running the World

I have a hunch that the chorus of this song was once the name of this song, but due to a Tipper Gore-esque backroom nag-fest it was changed from the offensive-yet-true "Cunts Are Still Running the World" to the present, innocuous title "Running the World". I should clarify; given a solid listen, it is apparent that Jarvis is not referring to some sort of vagina-freemason conspiracy theory–he is using the good old C word in the british sense as in prick, jerk, asshole, etc. Part of the reason that I wish that the chorus of this song was the title is that the word "cunt" is one of the few words that I can barely bring myself to utter. I find it to be a spectacularly horrible word, one of the few cuss words that retains its grit after repeated use. Good for you, C word! Anyway, the fact that I find the word so terrifying makes the chorus that much more potent. This song came to my knowledge via that soundtrack to Children of Men, where it plays, I believe, over the closing title sequence. It is kind of hilarious it that it provides this coda of good-natured apathy to a movie that, I think, was trying to be hopeful or uplifting in some way. Download away.

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