Friday, September 19, 2008


There are probably plenty of people in the world that are "over" fixed-gear dirt bags and they have good reason. There is a certain attitude that people who are really into fixed-gears have that makes them all seem like mega-douches. As someone who rides a fixed-gear and, all sceney bullshit aside, loves the beejezus out of my bike, I feel sometimes that the whole thing has turned into another shitty accessory and most people who are into these bikes spend more time picking out their cutoffs than riding. Life sucks, what can you do? The thing about biking that is different from, say, wearing Ray-Bans or a fucking MGMT headband is that biking is hard. You have to, at some point, earn it. This is why I think that fixed-gear people are totally tolerable if not awesome. Dudes that are mega bike dudes are kind of the meat heads of hipsterdom, and I respect that. Anyway, MASH is a crew out of SF that does crazy shit and films it, etc. They made a pretty awesome movie which you should see, but it is more about SF than them in my opinion. As someone from LA, I have a hatred for SF that can only come out a deep conviction that it might be the perfect american city. LA is clearly a third-world dump. Buy the movie from turntablelab and download the soundtrack here. If I were to make a CD about what I think it means to live in California I would pick a lot of this music: Richie Rich, Journey, Ozzie, Gorilla Biscuits, Bad Brains, M83, Gang Starr, Firehose, Eyedea. This is the CD where you realize that your aversion to backpack rap is stupid, that the Biscuits were the first band that made you really want to punch something and that Blondie is pretty boss.

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