Friday, February 6, 2009

Sexface and Flava Flav: Great Minds?

HOLY FUCKING CRAP. Sorry. So I just found out today that Public Enemy, during their unsung (read: sucky) years, recorded a song called "Do You Wanna Go Our Way???" Subject matter: I don't know. All I know is that I listened to the first few bars of this and realized that they sampled the EXACT SAME PART of the EXACT SAME SONG that I sampled to make the beat for the Steak Fingaz mega-jam "Space Snacks." Does this kind of thing happen to real hip-hop producers, or just jokers like myself who's idea of "crate digging" is finding dead Hungarian music blogs? Whatevs, I think that Steak Fingaz brought it a lot harder, both on the beat and the rhymes–although this may have occurred during flav's ascent to reality stardom, in which case he gets a pass. NO PASS FOR U THO, CHUCK D!

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