Saturday, February 7, 2009


I rarely offer to fight people over the internet, but I will go on record right now and say that I will fight any adult human being who claims that Vision Creation Newsun is not the best album to drive to/take drugs to ever made. Driving while taking drugs? Better. Actually, stop the car, do the drugs and then drive. The Boredoms have stopped fucking around, I guess, and have decided that, in lieu of being bizarro and mysterious, they will just shred constantly, which I whole-heartedly endorse. In my mind, The Boredoms transcend the "shred gap" that Agresta and I argue about ad nauseaum–the question being, does shredding=douchebaggery in all possible situations in all possible worlds? The answer is clearly no, because The Boredoms shred monstrously and are clearly not douchebags. Although the singer-guy has dreads. Fuck. Well, Super Roots 10 just came out and this song is apparently called "Ant 10." That may be a lie, though. ANYWAYS IT IS FUCKING RAD, so stop wasting your time and download this shit. Also, there are hella remixes, one by Lindstrom as well but I am sour on that guy since he has given up the crown of Swedish model-slayer and now, like, hangs in chatrooms with AC Slater or some other bloghouse garbaggio. SXFCE out. 

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