Monday, July 23, 2007

Chocolate Rain

This morning I woke up and the ground was wet. I knew, because I was sleeping on it. Psyche! I rushed to the paper, thinking that our most massive drought of all time was over. It wasn't, we only got a hundreth of an inch. How wussy is that? Anyway, the good thing is that there is plenty of chocolate rain to go around today.

This song's name is "LA will make you pay," which is true, because this shit is mad expensive.
Burton Inc.-LA Will Make You Pay
This is disco madness, not like hipster disco-punk or some lame crap. Like "Disco Sucks" disco.

You may have heard that mashups suck. You may, in fact, have heard this from me. Usually that is true, but check this mash of Spacehog (?!?!) with that Party Like a Rockstar song, whose only redeemable value is the T-t-t-totally dude part.
DJ Skeet skeet's Totally Dude Megamix

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