Tuesday, November 27, 2007

9 Days Since My Last Post

OMG, are you guys ok? I hope that you haven't been worried, I meant to call, but things got hectic and you know...(trails off)

You will all be extremely happy to know that my rap trio, Steak Fingaz is continuing its ascent to world dominance. My production skills are so on point it is scary. I am like one of those kids on the X-Files that can levitate shit with their minds. I scare myself. Don't hate. We have 28 myspace friends, son! Where the fuck are you right now? That's what I thought.

I have spent the last few days in Los Angeles, metropolitan region of my birth and I have to tell you, that place still is the balls. I talked to a lot of folks about how much we hate LA and how much we love to hate LA and then I ate at a taco stand. I also checked out some movies...

No Country For Old Men: Eh. I know, I know...its the greatest movie to include a pneumatic pump, but didn't it seem like there was a little too much happening in this movie? For example, can someone tell me what the shit it was ABOUT? Was it about old dudes (Tommy Lee Jones) and how life changes and doesn't that suck? Or was it about Anton killing the shit out of fools, just because he had to? I don't know. It seems that, judging by the screen time, it was about Anton, but then at the end, here comes Tommy Lee Jones and then you are like, Hold on, is there some sort of shitty moral to this?

Love in the Time of Cholera: This was the worst pile of shit that I have seen in a long time. There is a lot of old man butt in this movie, something I don't recall from the book.

Battlestar Galactica: Razor: Any movie starring an asian chick with an australian accent is fine by me. Even if it is technically a TV movie. On the SciFi Channel.

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ItsTitoJackson said...

Ok, to comment on "Country Of old Men," I will give you what I believe the Coen Brothers were trying to extract from Mr. Mccarthy's novel.

To start off, I fucking loved both the movie and the book.

In the book Sheriff Bell has a much larger part than in the movie and most chapters begin with some type of self thought/monologue in which the reader receives much better insight to what the Sheriff believes is going on not just with his current case, but with life in general and the quickly changing world he is seeing in fold in front of him. Sheriff Bell comes from a family of law man, as his grandpa, was a sheriff, as was his dad his uncle etc... This being in black and white terms meaning Bell was born to be good person and help stop the bad dudes like Anton Chigurh. He mentions how back in the day his dad/uncle never even had to carry a gun, there was respect between people even the good and the bad that according to Mccarthy seems to have completely dwindle in our modern era. As now in our modern time there is no respect for anything, even the country one lives upon.

As we see in the movie, no matter how much we hope Moss will make it out alive there never really is any convincing parts where we think this will actually happen. Moss is just a good old boy, and represents a time not so long ago when people of his character were able to live a life of simplicity, ignorance, and were allowed to live a life without outside distractions, or problems if they choose to do so. Now, our "country" brings problems upon us. Even those true "American" country folk are being affected by outside forces they have little or no control over.

Anton, (who btw kicks some serious ass) was truly an evil and bad person. Yet he is a man of his word and has principal. This is seen in a lot of ways but especially when he kills Moss’s wife Carla Jean because he said he would do so. Anton exemplifies what someone of honor and integrity should be like except it is on the completely opposite side, which is very ironic. This I believe according to McCarthy conveys how the roles have switched in our modern time. This is also shown in other examples like when the boys on bikes see the car accident and are paid off by Anton. They keep their alliance to a cereal killer, but not to anyone else. In the book Sheriff Bell has to spend a lot of time harassing the kids after the accident just to get them to speak a little bit of what they saw. We also see this as Moss crosses the border, and the drunken college kids are reluctant to help a man in a lot of pain and trouble. There only concern was making sure they got the money they were promised. Again a huge lack of character and basic principal is portrayed.

In the book there is a much larger part towards end in which the Sheriff Bell sits and talks with his handicapped uncle. This part of the book enables the reader to get a better insight on Mccarthy's overall theme. There are a fair amount of memorable quotes that the uncle conveys in today’s era there is no longer any respect not just for ones country but for other people in general. No longer do we see children address elders as mam and sir, and no longer do the good folks who live a life of principle come up ahead. IE Moss and the Sheriff. There was a time when America’s old fashion principles where the roots of what made sccroing to Mccarthy American great, a that he belives passed us by. In the movie we can also see this in Tommy Lee Jones's face as it portrays little signs of optimism/humor in the beginning but towards the end is portrayed as completely hopeless

Overall, I feel McCarthy thinks our country is totally turning into a pile of shit. He uses an absurd amount of violence and action to get people to stay awake for two hours to help people realize that no one stands for anything any more. There was a time, when people had respect for their county and fellow men. In parts of our country such as Texas and New Mexico we would imagine these principles would remain true, and only in the overly liberal parts of San Francisco/NYC etc.. would we see such an obvious disconnection from what we as Americans though we stood for. As stated in the title of the book "No Country for Old Men", there no longer is any country for these old people who have kept and wish to maintain basic human principles to hold on too.

Everyone should also check out "The Road" and "Blood Meridian" both fucking fantastic...