Friday, November 2, 2007

Not A Good Week

It hasn't been a good last 7 days for me. I think I might have been depressed, but often it is really difficult for me to tell if I am depressed or if I am hung over. They tend to happen in tandem. It all started out the other day when I came home and my dog had eaten a pen and that shit exploded all over my bed. Then I got a cold sore and then two simultaneous pairs of pants got a rip in the ass area. That pretty much exhausted my pant supply. And then, last night, I ate a gang of chinese food and then passed out at 8pm. I just woke up and it is 4 in the morning, and I have nothing to do except for fold clothes and listen to house music and it is fucking righteous. Nothing like a good dose of MSG to set the old noggin right. Let's get it poppin!!! I am going back to LA for Thanksgiving, so gird your loins, Angelenos. I have to pick up my books before them shits burn down.

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