Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Here's the Thing

Dudes, this little girl is fucking blowing my mind right now! Imagine the Xbox capabilities of four arms! Halo for days. What is so amazing about this article is the part where they point out that she is considered to be a reincarnated god in her village, but still, we gots to cut her up and make her normal. Hmm...

Oh and France? You blow. I have always said, the real lame-asses are not the bullies, but those douches who want to be the bullies. France is now in this group. Anybody who looks at the Bush administration and says, I will stand by you, no matter what, deserves to be fucking institutionalized. Part of Sarkozy's rationale is that America "saved" France during WWII, and therefore, the frogs are in our eternal debt. What about the fact that without France, we wouldn't even be a country? Who were we going to rely on during the Revolution, Portugal?

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Bones said...

if you are playing halo, we need to hit up xbox live