Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Hate Racism/Steakfingaz Rulez

We (me) here at Sexfacerulez hate racism. Can't stand the stuff. In fact that is why we blast this song at all times.

In light of this, I was very troubled to hear about this development from the porn world, someplace that I have learned a lot of things from.

Use Of 'N-Word' May End Porn Star's Career

Hey, and speaking of rap music, bad words and ponytails, I figure it is time for yall to hear about the newest thing to hit the internets...SteakFingaz. Steakfingaz is a rap supergroup consisting of Sarah Smith (aka Harriet Thugman), Ryan P. Young (aka Snackface) and Myself (aka Sexface Killah). Our subject matter is pretty much snacks, booty and faces, and the overlap between the three. I just put a picture on teh the myspace so it is officially over for the rap game. Someone tell Jay-Z that I already wrote all of his shit before he even thought of it. Anyway, we only have 2 friends one myspace right now and Tom is still smuggly dominating the top 8 (really 4). So, befriend us on myspace, listen to our song (more coming this weekend) and tell your friends to add us, so that we can start getting Macy's myspace spam from them, holler!

PS. Our music is pretty NSFW, so watch out.

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