Thursday, December 13, 2007

Get Rad

What's up dudes? I just finished my last paper and I am fucking maxin, reading Bataille and drinking Sparks!!!!! Unfortunately, though, my beat makin' software has gone caput (sp?) because them shits was pirated as crap. I was in the middle of lacing some fat beats (read: sitting in my room on a pile of clothes and stealing some drum breaks off an mp3 that my Dad gave me) and the internet told me to fuck myself. So here I am, attempting to lace fat beats with SoundForge and an old drum machine. Not as rad as it sounds.
Anyway, I am trying to go on a bender, but all of my friends are wussies. All I could manage was to get a hangover and spend my whole day on Myspace. Or should I say SteakSpace. Oh, and listening to this Dancehall mix by the inimitable Ross Hogg. Download that shit and weep for your speakers. Holler!

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