Monday, December 10, 2007

Steak Fingaz is Going to Cause Rapflation

Watch out Dudes/dudettes. Steak Fingaz has officially hit the scene. Saturday night we had our first and second shows, at consecutive house parties. The good things about this was the fact that we came out of the gates mad hard and showed Austin exactly who runs this shit. (clarification: we do) Now if we can just unseat that god damn Pete Bjorn and John. Fucking assholes. The bad thing about playing two parties in one night is that we didn't get to properly bask in the adoration that was coming our way; several chicks at the first party were left unhollered-at. The second party had more than one dude in tevas. By the time we made it back to the real party, all that was left was whiskey and devilled eggs (I am not complaining). The only real problem with our eminent success is that it might cause rapflation, causing the price of hos to go up.

Check the pics here.

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