Monday, June 2, 2008


Are you ever watching TV at night and realize that the horrible television ads are meant for YOU? For example, I watch the Family Guy every night at 10:30–let's just pretend like that isn't kind of pathetic. I recently realized that all the ads are either for fried chicken, ITT Tech, cheap auto insurance or phone sex. While I think that I am not in immediate need of any of these things (although I might go back to school to get my computer drafting certificate if this whole PhD thing doesn't work out) it makes me kind of concerned to think that I am watching the same show at the same time as a whole bunch of jobless pervs who are uninsured. Doesn't sound like me at all. 

Oh and a more substantial note, I recommend that everyone listen to this internet radio show. Dâm-Funk is a DJ and producer from LA who is currently killing it on the 80's funk tip. This shit is solid gold. 

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