Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grind Baby

This track, Grind Baby, by Paper Route Gangstaz samples Weezer and it absolutely kills. The best thing is that it is not ironic nor is it trying to ride on the coattails of the greatness of the Weezer song–it is just a great song that samples another great song. I am really happy that we seem to have gotten to this place in music, where we can all just admit that we live in the same internet and be done with it. Eventually EVERY SINGLE soul/funk/jazz/"boogie" record will have been sampled to death (2012?) and we will have to move on to other stuff anyway–so why not do it now? This kind of sampling seems to me to be the only response to the idiotic attitude that people (blogjays) have had in the recent past towards towards their "favorite" rap artists of the moment (Three 6, E-40, Dipset, Lil' Wayne). This is the attitude wherein the blogosphere acts all giddy when these dudes mention something other than drugs, money or ladies. Juelz says Bon Jovi and half of the graphic designers on the east coast crap themselves. Lil' Wayne mentions a sport other than basketball and dudes in New Era hats and neon Nike dunks have aneurysms trying to blog about it. Isn't this attitude kind of condescending? To suggest, even in the form of verbose, sycophantic Pitchfork reviews, that rappers live in some sort of parallel universe separated from the "rest of us" by a type of cultural one way mirror? We can take from them (16 year old in skinny jeans wearing Three 6 shirt and listening to fidget/bmore remixes of A Bay Bay) but the minute that a rapper tries to participate in the wider, non-rap world, we fall off our chairs. PRGz are putting out a record on Mad Decent, which is good since they are pretty much the most solid, gimmick free label in this Internet dance shit and PRGz deserves all the support they can get.

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