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Oh Honey-Delegation
Sample line: "She aint the kind to show off her mind/ but talking bout love she's clever." Is this an ode to dumb chicks? Don't know.

Big Pimpin-The Dogg Pound
Although Tha Dogg Pound strictu senso refers to only Daz and Kurupt, in fact we all know that on any Dogg Pound track we will also see Snoop and Nate Dogg whose presence is so ubiquitous as to make them almost full members. I cannot recall if Daz or Kurupt had any participation whatsoever in Snoop's short-lived porn career. This song is pretty much what will make Southern California shine evermore in the memories of rap fans: bragadaccio, funk samples, good-natured gang banging and of course Nate Dogg crooning his fucking ass off. Of particular note: spoken word interlude using extended "pen as ho" metaphor at 2:45.

Throw Your Hands Up-8Ball and MJG f. Outkast
8Ball and MJG seem eternally destined to exist at the second tier of southern rap. I think it is because all of their songs sort of turn into really awesome posse cuts.As can be seen in Pure Uncut, Throw Your Hands Up and–their biggest brush with fame–the guest spot on Three 6's Stay Fly, where MJG shat on everybodys' verse. I think that is why they put dude last, they knew that if it went MJG then Crunchy Black people would just turn that shit off. This track with Outkast shows how well they work with other artists–pumping out a great southern pride jam: "people barbecuing in the front yard/money from the first of the month card". This song is also really well integrated rhythmically. The chorus and the first couple of verses stick real tightly to the beat which makes Big Boi's departure from that scheme that much more awesome. Anyway if you are interested in something else, check out a track called Don't Flex which includes the line "got more butt/ than she got body". Oh, and 8Ball is literally shaped like a ball.

Happy Feelingz–Z-Ro
In the parts of the internet where I hang out one sometimes hears debates over whether or not Z-Ro is the tupac of southern rap. Die-hard fans blanche at this comparison for no real reason except to preserve Z-Ro's realness. On the other hand, there will always be people for whom all rap must radiate from the Biggie-Tupac binary. I really don't give a shit, either way, Z-Ro is fucking amazing and definitely tupacesque in that he is sometimes embarassingly personal. My opinion is that Z-Ro is similar to the Tupac as we knew him before they studied his raps at liberal arts colleges. Basicallly before his image was neutered of all thugishness. Remember that Tupac? When he was a startingly complex thug and not a misunderstood poetic soul? That is what Z-Ro is like. Dude raps about trying to kill himself, thanks mental health professional and talks about doing drugs and shooting people eg. "pussy in the middle of the forehead/ I want to see my foes dead." Something tells me that there wont be a class on that at Berkeley anytime soon. Fucking hippies.

PS if you like Z-Ro, cocaineblunts put up a best-of mix.

Woo-Haa (Jay Dee RMX)-Busta Buss
No one needs me to say that Jay Dee was a force of nature or that the "game" will not be the same without him. Interestingly enough, his untimely death seems to have jogged loose something in the interflow and new remixes are everywhere. Here is one of woo-haa!! a song which is annoying at best in its original form. Somehow Busta's pre-scary-ripped insanity is more affective when pitted against the nonchalance of a Jay Dee beat.

No Static-Nappy Roots
What happened to these dudes? I think that they tried to work the "we're country" thing about 3 years too soon, because soon after this people started repping Huntsville and Baton Rouge. They might have also been too likeable, because there are some things (like being country) that only Juvenile can pull off. People with teardrop tattoos generally get what they want. Anyway this song uses a Greg Nice sample to great effect. I hope that these dudes can bring some more shit like this.

Gangsta Party-Yo Gotti f. Bun B, 8Ball and MJG
Do you think that MJG feels bad that people always write 8Ball's name first? That's not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is the fact that the first rule of rap is to never invite Bun B to be on your song. He will show you up. Dude never slips. This song is a banger and I don't want to talk about it–just play it as loud as you can.

Grind Baby-PRGz
I pretty much already said what I had to say about this jam.

Pimpin All Over the World (Go go RMX)-Luda
I am a gigantic Ludacris fan. Maybe you are getting the idea, but there is a certain rap tone which I am drawn to–good natured thuggish/pimpishness. Its like; we're at the club, I'm acting stupid, I don't take myself too seriously but if you cross me I will fucking eat your brains. Or, equally; hey I'm self-deprecating and silly, look at my crazy hair–but no seriously let me take nasty-ass pictures of you and all of your friends. I feel that Luda has at least half of this equation down–his thuggishness is unconvincing, but I do believe in his ability to pimp all over the world. This track and "Area Codes" establishes the kind of pimp-in-the-age-of-globalization motif that Luda mines so fruitfully in his work. Oh and this go-go remix enhances the summery-ness of the original and offsets the cheeziness of the background singers.

That Shit (Jay Dee RMX)-ATCQ
Another Jay Dee remix that is getting close to embarrassing but never gets there. Jay Dee raps about detroit and says: "make the ladies say ho/ and make them hos say ow/ and them owls say hoot." I don't know what that means.

Devin the Dude f. Odd Squad–Just Tryin ta Live
Devin the Dude's oeuvre is mad deep. He is a machine that just generates low-key cadillac music ceaselessly. What is cool about the Dude is that, along with his unique, behind the beat rapping and self-deprecating subject matter, his productions are always really live. It is a good counterpoint to many other southern/Houston rappers whose beats often sound like a 808 preset–all 16th note high hats and no funk. The Dude brings equal parts skittery hats and organ, bass, vocals. If you have been in Texas in August you know why this shit is so slow.

After Laughter (Comes Tears)-Wendy Rene
This song was sampled by the Wu for their track Tearz, a song that I don't really like. The original is amazing, though and should be listened to in lieu of the Wu-Tang song. Actually, somebody, take the Ghostface verse and mix it over this song. Do that.


Oh and don't trip if you missed the last muxtape, I will up it in zip form in a few days.

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