Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't Taser Me Dude

Pigs are the detritus of society. I really believe this and me saying it has provoked several very, impassioned, incoherent sissy fits from people who have police officers in their families (my uncle is a cop and he gave me a gift certificate to Sharper Image last Christmas, so all cops are great people). I always feel that they need to realize that all they are is the blunt object wielded by the turds in the legislature against the rest of us morons. Nothing is worse than some pig waxing poetic about protecting people and caring and bullshit when we all know that the only function of the modern state is to protect property and its owners and if you are not a property owner, then fuck off. All of this does not suffice to make them "the detritus of society," though. What makes them the detritus of society is the fact that they blow at their jobs. Nothing is a better example than the taser. People go, "Well it is better than shooting someone." Are those now the two options? Doing nothing and shooting someone? Tasers are only used because these doughy tards are either too dumb or too pussy to tackle someone and put them in a headlock. I once saw a homeless guy who was guilty of running around with no pants on get tasered in LA. If your whole job is subduing people and beating their heads in, don't you think that you can learn judo or something? What a bunch of slobs.
Here is a video of some dude getting tazed while trying to ask a question at a John Kerry talk. What the hell was Kerry doing during this?

PS: If I got tazed I think that I might crap myself out of spite.
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Jim said...

I think Sharper Image is where cops get their tasers...and their vibrating chairs.