Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Am Trying Not to Gush

I am so stoked that I can barely type. I have been reduced to a quivering pile of ectoplasmic joy. I have been shouting at my dog, who looks confused. DJ /rupture is coming to Austin. I discovered Rupture's work a few years ago with the Minesweeper Suite, a mix CD that manages to connect the dots from the Maghreb to the favela, from Missy Elliot to Kingston...all without sounding contrived. DJ /rupture is the anti-Putamayo. World music in the real sense, not some voyeuristic, embroidered Guatemalan coin purse crap. Rupture is also aligned with the aforementioned 893 and keeps a great blog that will clue you into struggle music from around the globe. I uploaded some jams for y'all to check out.

This is a blend he did with Skream's Midnight Request Line and Knuck If You Buck. Dubstep and the dirty dirty together at last.

I fucked this up, so you have to download it, but just trust that it is worth it. This is an excerpt from Minesweeper Suite that includes Wax Poetics, Sade and a whole bunch of other radness.
Minesweeper chunklet

A remix that rupture did for Architecture in Helsinki that actually ended up being substantially better than the original.

There seems to be some sort of warping occurring with the embedded player. If it persists, just download that ish.

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