Monday, September 3, 2007

Embarassing Indie Rock Moment: Guillemots

So, even I, sometimes, wake up hungover and I just don't want to hear an obscure house track from 1982. Or listen to a T-Pain remix of some Akon song that R. Kelly wrote and Timbaland produced and Justin Timberlake choreographed. It is in these moments that I look around secretively and...listen to some whiny indie rock. Sorry, it has to happen some times, I am way more disappointed with myself than you are, so no sweat.
Guillemots is an excellent band, they really are. I bought their CD (? seriously, what is this? 2001?) in Austin, I believe, when I came out here to visit the first time. Back in those halcyon days when I was convinced that every chick in Austin was like Feist and that people would dig my really interesting thoughts. Then I realized that Feist is kind of annoying and my thoughts aren't really all that interesting. I can safely say that there is nothing innovative in this music, just good song writing and pretty snappy instrumentation (French Horns really impress me). Download this ish and make fun of me later.

Trains to Brazil
Made Up Lovesong 43

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