Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Great Moments in Internet Literature

I just received this email, you need to read it in its entirety to get the full effect:

You know that shape of humans.
Well humans are nothing like that.
But kept secret hidden inside somewhere.
Is where their circle is at.

Hi, guys!
Does my inner candle,
cast shadows on my cell.
Or does wind and castle,
cast shadows on my shell.

I am a vivacious woman with a variety of talents, seeking kind gentlemen for private encounters.
When you walk near a puddle at night,
and you see it contains the stars.
Then you pretend you comprehend,
that is what atoms are.

I am very healthy and fit. I offer a no-hassle, no-rush, playful, sensuous session.

It's all about the word impedance,
do you dream of that.
Like a dance on figure skates,
to stop you they react.

Whether you are looking for an hour or an evening of enjoyment, complete satisfaction awaits you!


Apparently, the poem fragments were randomly selected from some shitty Canadian's website, rearranged, sexified and then sent to me. Seriously, this stuff really gets me going. I have enjoyed reading this spam email much more than half of the crap that I have read in Grad School (I am looking at you, Lukacs).

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