Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mind Blowage

You know when you are reading something that is supposed to blow your mind and you can actually see the place where the author was trying to blow your mind? But really you just think, Wow, that was supposed to blow my mind, what a d-bag. (I see you Derrida, or David Foster Wallace, or the Matrix, or Hare Krishnas) Well, this is not that. I have some real mind blowage for y'all, in the form of the man who has probably brought bogging to a realm of artistry never before seen by mankind. I give you, Umeancompetitor. I have been trying to understand what the fuck is happening with this blog for a looooong no avail. I can tell you one thing, though. He, 893, has invented a technique of making GIFs called giffordization, which is an homage to Frank Gifford. These GIFs were specifically designed to kill epileptics. The blog seems to concern mainly Michael McDonald, Star Wars Haircuts, Epcot Center, Dipset and posting lots of rap music. He is probably also autistic or a genius. Participate.

PS. Jim, you are going to crap.

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Jim said...

Um, if I get nauseous, does that mind that mind is blown? Seriously, I had to scramble to close the window...I will not be right for the rest of the day.

I will now go read Of Grammatology since, apparently, it is decidedly UNmindblowing. Why do you hate Jacques so much? Are you attempting to please the father (i.e. Alain)? Are you involved in virtual pederasty with Badiou and/or Plato? You know why it's called Dissemination, right?