Friday, August 10, 2007

I Am in Maryland Writing a Post About 50 Cent

This is the new art–done by Takashi Murakami–for Kanye's album which is slated to drop (that means be released) Sep. 11. Apparently, what our nation most desperately needs to heal our collective wounds over the terrorist attacks is over-produced, under-conceived nursery rhyme raps. Oh, and a continuingly lame college theme.

Thats how much I care that yall stay informed.
50 (cent) has come out in the press saying that if Kanye West sells more records than him in their respective upcoming releases, 50 Cent will stop releasing records. This puts in me in an awkward position, because I would really prefer that they would both stop releasing records and just pose constantly.

Oh and the baller status-ness of my boating shoes is unparalleled.

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