Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tha 1st of tha month!?!

This is how stoked I am on this new blog.

The other day I was walking through my neighborhood Albertsons and I came upon (ew?) a copy of O magazine. First of all I am disappointed to inform you all that it is not, in fact, a magazine dedicated entirely to that one rip off of Othello with Mekhi Phifer in it. It is actually Oprahs magazine, about her own damn self. Every month there is a different picture of Oprah on the front of this she's playful Oprah, here she's matronly Oprah, here she's, god save us, sultry Oprah. I walked a little more and Ill be damned if I didn't see that Rachael Ray had her own version going, except all of Rachael Ray's picture are "I'm on crack making spinach dip" Rachael Ray. So I sez to myself, I sez, Why should they get all the fun. I want a publication devoted entirely to myself. Imagine: every month, a new picture of me on the newstands, just lampin. Drinking a smoothie, frolicking in some gauzy number on the beach. Looking at the camera after being surprised in my den, tastefully lit with a gang of books in the background. Playing Jai Alai with the Prince of Dubai in Maui. Fuck it. The people would go apeshit crazy. So that is why I decided to make my every once in a while Myspace blog (which is about me, but come on, there are entirely too many other people's faces on Myspace) into a full-on me blog. Its like O magazine but with more sex and drugs and obnoxious dance music. And probably more penis jokes.

Oh and definitely more Bone Thugs.

So, the dealy from now on is that I will post the hotness here, copying the same posts on the Myspace for a limited time only, son! Panties, of course, can still be sent to the Myspace. Check back every five minutes, because this shit is going to be hoppin!!!

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