Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Really Don't Care

They are building a Starbucks on campus. I was getting coffee at the little convenience store that has starting carrying coffee to take up the slack while Starbucks is being built and I happened to be next to this chick who had a weird haircut, and tights and all that indie nonsense and I said to myself, "I bet this chick is pissed about the Starbucks." So I said something snarky and lo and behold, she was mad pissed and then we fake comiserated and I mentioned that the truly awesome thing will be when they have a starbucks furniture store so that you can buy all the accoutrements and just stay at home and feel awesome. She was all, Totally. I pointed out that they already sell CDs, so we are halfway there. She was like, Yeah but they totally suck. And I said, Well hold on there, and I was thinking in particular of this one CD I have where BB king picked the tracklist and it really isn't that bad. Before I could explain this, the chick had rolled her eyes in disgust and gone off to buy a vintage fanny pack. Why do I tell this story? To point out that in this day and age, you basically ascribe to not liking Starbucks just like you ascribe to wearing weird granny clothes and listening to the Shins. On the grand scale of things, who really gives a fuck if the yokels have a Starbucks? This has been going on for some time and there will always be a market for people to go to small coffeehouses and get condescended to by kids with dirty-looking hair that read the Stranger and now feel all righteous. For the rest of the tards, there is Starbucks, and good for them. I don't go in there that often, but it looks like they are trying not to blow. They always have flyers with happy bolivian kids picking coffee beans and shit. I heard they are over that BGH, which is cool. HOller at me.

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